Enjoy The Perfect Blend of Ginger And Cardamom Tea With Your Guest

Enjoy The Perfect Blend of Ginger And Cardamom Tea With Your Guest!

One fine day someone knocks your door and you could get the surprise from your relatives as a Guest visit.  Even though In India people are always prepared whenever the guests are about to visit, sometimes people need some extra hours to prepare their kitchen before any guests arrive. Well at that moment guests are served with delicious snacks, healthy beverages and hot cups of tea to boost their energy and make them smile.

Whenever you face such a situation make use of instant tea or coffee premix powder that helps you to prep your beverages within a few minutes without any extra efforts. As per the choices you can come up with the tea flavor and serve them with evening snacks. There are people who love to have ginger and cardamom blended together in a hot cup of tea. Well premix powder has all the ingredients that make your tea more delicious and tasty.

Tea lovers prefer tea twice a day to kick start with the routine activity. It acts as a booster dose for them to start with their regular activity. In short; small booster tonic that makes them perform better in their organization and home curriculum.  When just a small cup of tea can do the wonder to change the mood swings then why worry! Just take a sip of the perfect blend of ginger and cardamom tea and enjoy your moments with your loved ones. People admire ‘kadak chai’ especially during monsoon and breezy days. It is also said Tea without snacks is always incomplete thus cheers for the tea lovers.

As per the taste and preferences you can try out more options to check out the flavor of tea which is widely used these days. People love to have masala tea, ginger tea, cardamom tea, lemon tea and lemongrass tea.  Sometimes even a few combinations of herbs can create a perfect blend of tea that refreshes your mood and makes your entire day lavishing.

We have listed down some of the widely used tea that makes your mood fresh and refreshing:

Masala Tea:  Masala Tea is great in taste and the aroma of the tea creates a perfect atmosphere in a room. People love the aroma of tea when it is actually getting brewed and tastes delicious. The tea powder involves a number of Indian herbs and spices that make this tea to stand apart from other tea. It comes with a number of health benefits and has the power to refresh your mood and energy.

Ginger Tea: Ginger is one of the well-known spices that are mostly seen in Indian household kitchens. It is commonly used for cooking and medicinal purpose as well. The ginger tea can be used on a regular basis and help to fight back seasonal flu and cold. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help your digestive system and bones to stay healthy. Normal consumption of ginger tea is absolutely beneficial to refresh your mood and body.

Cardamom Tea: Cardamom is commonly seen in the kitchen for culinary purposes and packed with a number of inbuilt features. Cardamom tea is an herbal tea which can be used on a regular basis and also helps in the digestive system. The combination of ginger and cardamom with tea powder brings the soothing aroma and taste to the cup of tea.  The tea can be served to your guest anytime without a second thought.  They will love it! It is also known as Elaichi Tea in India which is widely used after Masala Tea.

Lemon Tea: Lemon tea comprises of lots of minerals and vitamins which help your skin to glow and stay healthy. People can consumer this lemon tea either in the morning or in the night as per their need. It also helps to boost immunity because it has vitamin C and antioxidant properties. With a proper diet, regular exercise and a moderate cup of lemon tea can help you to reduce your body fat and make you look younger.

Lemongrass Tea: Lemongrass tea is an herbal tea which is also healthy and good for health. It is easy to make this tea and can be consumed by the people who are actually feeling stress, anxiety all the time in the working environment. They can make use of instant lemongrass tea premix powder to make 2 cups of tea within a few seconds without much effort.

Conclusions: Whoever comes in house or organization must be served with the Tea and water to make them relaxed and chilled. As per the preferences you can enjoy the beverages with your guest and make them feel comfortable at your comfort zone.

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