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Top 5 Interesting Facts about Coffee

Coffee is the most preferred beverage that has grabbed millions of eyeballs all across the globe. People having coffee can’t even imagine a day with coffee. It becomes the most crucial part of their day to day activity because it gives a number of benefits with refreshments to the people to kick start their day.  When we talk about the facts and health benefits that coffee can get out of it is amazing and mesmerizing.  Knowing the facts will make you love your coffee more.

Here are the top 5 interesting facts about the world prominent drink coffee is:

Second Largest traded commodity: Coffee stands on top when compared with some other beverages.  After crude oil, coffee is the second largest commodity traded all across the world.  A trade worth $110 billion is happening around the world related to coffee.  Due to its popularity, taste and aroma, coffee has become the most preferred beverage that holds health benefits as well.

Coffee is good for health: When people consume coffee to a moderate quantity in a day can boost their mental and physical health. According to the research, it is found that the caffeine present in the coffee can enhance your memory power and can improve your mental health. However coffee has also proven effective in preventing stress, heart and liver disease.

Coffee is a fruit: Coffee beans are the seeds of berries! The berries are grown on a bush and they are normally green in color. When it gets ripped, it will turn red. The red colored beans are rich in texture, less acidic and come with a mesmerizing aroma. Gradually coffee beans are separated and then coffee powders are made out of it. People either opt for instant coffee powder or coffee beans to taste the best coffee in the world.

Finnish People consume more coffee: Finland is the country in Northern Europe that does not produce coffee of its own yet they are the world largest coffee consumers in the world.  According to the sources, they consume coffee three times more than Americans and are also known as caffeinated people.  However this fact was really interesting and could fascinate more people to have coffee in their daily activity.

Brazil and Coffee: Hey you might be wondering what the connection is between Brazil and coffee; well Brazil is the largest manufacturer of coffee that stands on the top of the world. In the year 1932, Brazil was planning to send their athletes for the Olympics but they couldn’t afford their traveling cost. So the country started selling their coffee all across the globe and earned the profits that help their athletes to reach Los Angeles for the Olympics.

Conclusions: Coffee has given so many reasons why it is said to be the most preferred beverage and loved all across the world.

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