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Top 5 Reasons Why Indians Love Masala Tea

Masala tea is exceptionally popular in India because of its taste and aroma. It prevents different types of sickness and makes you stay refreshed every day. It is a blend of different ingredients that involves cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. It is one of the most preferred beverages that are made by boiling black tea in milk or water with a mixture of other useful herbs and spices.

Masala tea originated in India, but the beverage has gained lots of hype all across the globe becoming one of the desired features in many tea houses. The tea comes with antioxidant properties that help your body to fight against a number of diseases that occur due to flu, cold, cough, dizziness, headache, tiredness etc. It also has the power to control cholesterol and keep you fresh all day.

We have listed top 5 reasons why Indians prefer masala tea whenever they need some refreshment and energy on regular basis:

Masala Tea prevents Cold and Nasal Congestion:

The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal property of masala tea prevents cold and nasal congestions. The herbs like ginger and clove in masala tea prevents cold and cough. People can have a minimum 2-3 cups of tea on a regular basis to enjoy the refreshment and stay away from common flue. Therefore try hot one cup of masala tea and you will surely love this to have on a regular basis.

Masala Tea has Anti-Inflammatory properties:

Spices and herbs present in the tea make it more original and natural to taste with. All the spices used in the creation of this beverage work together and have a thoughtful effect on the body. Tea has anti-inflammatory effects because of ginger and clove. According to the research ginger has good signs in reducing inflammation in the body and cloves are treated as effective painkillers.

It Boost energy and immune power:

Black tea is a prime ingredient of masala chai. It has caffeine that helps to boost your energy and make you feel refreshed the whole day.  Moderate quantities of masala tea consumption can help you to work effectively the entire day and keep your immune system strong. It is also known as natural refreshment that can help people to be active in their daily routine. The herbs like clove and cinnamon will make you fresh and stronger. It acts as a wall of defense that does not permit infection to enter in the immune system. Therefore it is proven that it is one of the tasty and preferred energy drinks as compared with other drinks available in the market.

Masala Tea helps in digestions:

If you are the one who always struggles with digestion then must try masala tea. It comprises different ingredients such as ginger, elaichi, cinnamon, tulsi, etc. that helps to boost your digestive system. Due to its calming and refreshing effect on the body it gives quick relief and people enjoy having this drink. The presence of elaichi in tea helps to improve digestion and keep you calm.

Masala tea has antioxidant property:

The prime base of masala tea is black tea. It has a robust antioxidant property. Due to herbs and spices present in the tea make the hot cup of tea more energetic and also control your bad cholesterol. Thus help your body to boost good cholesterol and fight back different diseases that can attack your immune system. Also control blood pressure and heart rate.

However there are a number of benefits of consuming masala tea but it also has some disadvantages as well. Moderate consumption is absolutely fine for the healthy body but maximum consumption in a day can help you with other health diseases. Therefore take it in a limited amount to enjoy the taste and refresh your mood with its aroma to be active the entire day.

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