Why You Should Start Your Day With Cardamom Tea

Why You Should Start Your Day With Cardamom Tea?

Cardamom is well known spice that is commonly used in cooking and as a part of medicines. It is originated from the crushed seeds of diverse plants that produce same kind of spices. It is cultivated in number of region and mostly popular in India due to its flavor, aroma and healing quality. People make use of cardamom seeds and pods in delicious foods, desserts and in other beverages such as tea and coffee.

Let’s understand the benefits of Cardamom Tea:

Drinking Cardamom tea is more effective for the people suffering from high blood pressure, weak, immune system, bad mood swings, constipation, obesity, inflammation and many more. This powerful herbs acts as an anti ageing property that reduces wrinkles and fines lines from your face and make you look beautiful and fresh entire day. Having 2-3 cups of cardamom tea will not only boost your energy but also keep you motivated entire day to manage your work life

Helps to solve skin related issues: Due to its antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, minerals and vitamins contain in cardamom seeds helps people to improve their skin problems such as acne, irritation, eczema, inflammation etc. This is one of the most effective and expensive herbs that comes up with number of health benefits. The tea can be consumed on a regular basis and tea bags can be applied to the sensitive skins. It soothes your inflammation areas and stimulates the new cells that prevent your body to fight against infections in future.

It boosts your energy: People suffering from severe headache or hypertension must have cardamom tea because it helps to rejuvenate your energy and make you feel refreshing after consuming a 2-3 hot cup of tea. People can use premix cardamom tea powder and get the instant tea ready in few minutes without taking any efforts. The taste and flavor of the tea remain fresh and aromatic while taking a sip. Also high level of potassium is found in the herbs that help to reduce high blood pressure, and help you to enjoy your day.

Act as best remedy for bad breath: Halitosis is one of the major concerns for the people who have to face bad breath while talking. To get rid of this problem start having a cup of cardamom tea or you can chew cardamom on a regular basis. Within a day or two your bad breath will turn into good mouth freshener and you will be free from the symptoms of indigestions.

Help in maintaining your weight related issues: Cardamom tea has a power to boost your metabolism and repair your body to work more efficiently.  There are certain mineral and vitamins present in the cardamom tea helps to burn high level of fat present in body and make your mood more energetic to work efficiently.

How to make best cardamom tea? Making cardamom tea is effortless and simple process. Just boil 2 cup of water and tea cardamom tea powder, add tablespoon sugar and ginger to taste along with 2 cardamoms (Elaichi). Let it boils for 5 minutes and your black cardamom tea is ready to taste If you wish to add milk powder to it then it becomes perfect blend of cardamom tea that makes your day to start with smile. If you are in hurry then make use of instant cardamom tea powder that help you to get instant cup of tea within few seconds. This process is applicable in all the reputed organization that makes use of tea or coffee vending machines to serve their employees and save time.

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