How to Brew a Coffee

How to brew a coffee

A few months ago, Sudden Coffee reached out to sponsor a post and sent me a care package for review. This was really great timing as a few days after I received my samples, I was off to the hospital with my wife for the birth of our fourth child.

I was able to put this fancy instant coffee through the paces (and to good use) as I spent some time in places where having a good cup of coffee usually means bringing an Aeropress or American Press, a grinder, coffee and maybe even a hot water source.

Overview of Sudden Coffee

Since 2015, Sudden Coffee has been leading the charge to change the way the craft coffee industry and it’s consumers view instant coffee.

Instant coffee has a pretty poor reputation in the industry. The stigma goes back to days of mass-produced, burnt and processed instant coffee made from the cheapest components manufacturers could procure (this instant coffee still exists today). Sudden Coffee is not like these traditional instant coffees, they take a very different approach.

Sudden Coffee is made from single-origin, quality coffee. The process that they use is proprietary and not readily available information but it is distinctly different from traditional methods. It is engineered to capture the qualities of a deliciously crafted manually brewed cup of coffee in a convenient drink-anywhere form. The shelf life is reported at greater than six months— you really can’t beat that.

The coffee selections change over every quarter and Sudden Coffee currently offers a light and a medium roast in packs of 8 and 48 for a single purchase. If you sign up for a subscription, the prices are 20 percent lower and you get more options: an 8 cup plan, a 16 cup plan and 24 cup pouch plan (the pouch plan is a non-dosed option which features a bag of 24 servings you scoop out yourself).

Sudden Coffee Field Test Report

I really enjoyed the versatility of Sudden Coffee.

I was able to throw a couple in my work bag for a quick and easy pick-me-up on overnight shifts. I made coffee early in the morning without a peep from my Baratza Virtuoso (while my beloved Virt provides great service as a grinder, it can on occasion sound the alarm clock for the youngins).

As I mentioned, Sudden Coffee came in very handy during my 24 hour stint at the hospital—a great cup of coffee was only 8 ounces of hot water away (and I didn’t even need that as it can also be mixed with cold water or milk).

There were a couple days after we brought the baby home where poor planning resulted in a coffee shortage. I wished I had stashed away a few vials of Sudden Coffee as we had to “make do” until reinforcements arrived.

I found that really the only thing you need besides the actual coffee and water (and a mug) was something to stir it up with. It doesn’t take much of a stir but a simple dump and swirl method results in a stratified cup that is less than it’s best (shaking in a sealed container would also be fine).

I also found that the water you use will make a difference (of course). While you don’t necessarily have to be super concerned with water chemistry like coffee brewing water, if there is something you don’t like about the water, you will still taste it in the coffee.

How did it taste?

The coffee I sampled was their light roast option, a Peru, Rayos Del Sol roasted by Intelligensia.

It is hard to compare the coffee without having a companion set of the same coffee in whole bean form. It is possible that characteristics I noticed were singular to the coffee instead of the process. That being said, I thought it tasted really good. It was very similar to a cup of coffee you would expect from a pour-over at home or a cup of coffee from a third wave coffee shop.

If I focused on the coffee and dissected it, I found it to have a little bit of a different mouth feel than my normal morning V60. It felt slightly less heavy and, for lack of a better word, drier. There was a touch of viscosity absent.

I would be interested in doing a triangle test between one Sudden Coffee and two V60’s and see if I could pick out the odd one. It would even be interesting to do a blind flight of coffees brewed different ways and see if I could pick out the instant. Perhaps that will be the subject of a future blog post (I have a hunch that I would have a really hard time picking out the Sudden Coffee from the bunch).

The bottom line is—Sudden Coffee is quite good and worth a try.

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